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"Heidi Riggs is without a doubt, an exceptional teacher, coach and guide through all that may be impossible in the world of music and makes it possible within her undying need and want to see her students progress in their goals. I came to Heidi with more than I could chew with being a freshmen in college who wanted to be a Musical Theatre major and within the course of 2 years I rivaled my classmates but that was only half the battle. What makes Heidi Riggs Vocal Studio a cornerstone and safe haven for artists is that there is always open and honest communication. It may not be sunshine and rainbows all the time through every lesson, there’s often stormy days but those days mean the most for your progress as a vocalist and will be the days that you look back on and are grateful beyond belief for. I’m more than beyond grateful for the lessons I learned with Heidi over the years, and I will always be coming back for more."

- Joey Carrier

"Extremely talented. Knows how to get the best out of her clients!" 
-Justin O'Brien


"Just had a trial lesson with a prospective voice teacher for next year. He said I’ve been trained very well, so kudos to my teacher at home. Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Heidi."
- Jacob Stoliker

"During my first two months, Heidi has shown me how my body creates tension and how it impacts the sound of my voice. I’ve also learned a lot about where to place the sound when I’m singing a song - and both have made a great impact on how well I perform!"

- Michael Copley

"Heidi is a vocal genius!"
- Melana Szczesniak

    My name is Caleb Horner, I studied at Heidi Riggs Vocal Studio for four years. I have just begun my undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where I will be working toward a Bachelors of Music in Voice Performance. The training and knowledge that was presented to me during my time with Heidi has not only become invaluable to me as I pursue a career in this art form, but the foundational knowledge about music, vocal technique and vocal diction has provided me with an excellent springboard that has allowed me to accelerate my potential in a highly competitive field. Beginning with a particular interest in Musical Theatre, Heidi made the importance of studying and understanding classical technique, even when performing Theatre, very apparent. From the earliest days of my studies I was exposed to Italian and German diction as well as important topics such as breath support and vowel shape/placement. Even though I wasn’t particularly engaged in classical music at the time, that initial exposure is what assisted me in my success when I eventually made the switch to pursue a classical degree as opposed to a musical theatre degree. Accompanying the vocal training I received, Heidi speaks a lot about the mental side of singing, hitting topics such as goal setting, time management and being clear about how to get where you want, extensively. Heidi’s style of teaching not only prepared me to perform at the level required for a conservatory level training, but also bestowed upon me the mindset to succeed and thrive within my further education. I have recently just completed my first of year hearing performance, requiring me to perform for the entire undergraduate and graduate voice faculty at my school, where I performed a french piece. The day following my performance, my diction professor pulls me aside and lets me know that my level of skill and clarity at French diction is above the level it should be for my age and years of experience, even rivaling some of the graduate students in our program. The only person I have to thank is Heidi, and I cannot recommend her or her teachings more.

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