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At a student's first two to three lessons, we explore the student's breath management, pitch accuracy, range, passagios, and tone production through the introduction of lip trills on a simple interval that progresses to vowel formation. Based on the individual goals of the student, we will customize weekly lesson plans and daily homework.


As students develop their new vocal technique, we will begin to apply it to their repertoire in lesson. We "build" the student's rep measure by measure. First, I record a "practice" audio of their diction (if we're learning a language within their rep) that the student takes home to practice daily until their next lesson. Then, I record their vocal line for them to lip trill at home as an introduction to intervals and melodic structure. Once the student feels confident with these exercises, we then change lip trills to vowel sounds (using an intro to the International Phonetic Alphabet). Lastly, we add consonants, accents, and dynamics.


Definition of implement: 1. carry out, accomplish; especially : to give practical effect to and ensure of actual fulfillment by concrete measures

Students take what they've learned and apply to and audition for college/ university/ conservatory programs to continue their studies. Some students go directly into the professional arena as front men/ women for major recording and touring bands, college program and professional performers for Disney, promoted to church cantors or performers in professional theatres.


During the first few months of lessons we will discuss the student's short-term and long-term proficiency and performance goals, choose repertoire that best suits their voice and serves their interests and most immediate needs (i.e. solo & ensemble rep, audition rep, etc...), and introduce my technique to efficiently troubleshoot their own practice sessions and rehearsals.


" Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." ~ Sanford Meisner

Our voices are only part of what we bring to our characters and stories. The best singing-actors transcend their technique, and use the medium of sound to heighten the experience for their audience. In lesson. we raise awareness to what roles and arch types the student can easily play, and what the student can work on to expand and grow beyond "type".

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